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The Villager

Georgia on her mind Playwright Ford portrays painterly pattern-smasher.
An interview with Sarah Ford by Jerry Tallmer

“Halfway through Georgia & Me, the playwright/performer who portrays both of them, or, interlockingly, each of them, cries out:‘I need to see the part of me that is her, the part of her that is me.’
...Sarah Ford, sometimes scared, never stopped.”
(July 14-20, 2011)

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Inside New York

Georgia and Me - An interview with Sarah Ford by Geetika Rudra

“Last week I had the pleasure to sit down and chat with actress, dancer, and writer Sarah Ford....”
(June 27, 2011)

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Rev Nov 2014)

The Boston Globe - West

Carlisle dancer performs show about Georgia O'Keeffe
An interview with Sarah Ford by Nancy Shohet West

“... the story is an autobiographical fantasy in which a complacent artist
is visited by a vision of O'Keeffe who challenges her to
reconnect with her creative ambitions.”
(October 3, 2013)

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